Clarksville Baptist Church believes that you can give without giving your money. You can give of your time, talents, and treasures! You can give your time serving in our student ministries or by helping to give out soup! You can give your talents by helping to lead worship, become a member of tech team, write a card, or make desserts for Wednesday Night Dinners. If you think you don't have either of those then maybe you have treasures. If you have a boat we could use it during Danville Day or maybe you have a volleyball net we could put up for VBS!



Through giving you are helping CBC to provide food for the needy here and afar, sponsor a Dixie League team, teach the children and youth of this community about Christ, and help keep our lights on!

If you have a heart for the local church or our community and would like to volunteer. Click below to e-mail Arielle and she will get you in touch with the right person!