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CBC On Mission

Soup’s On! Ministry occurs the second Friday and Saturday of each month.  CBC has partnered with the Food Pantry and also distributes excess breads, cakes, cup cakes, etc. with the soup.  Each batch of soup is homemade with ingredients and recipes provided those who volunteer to make soup.  Deliveries begin at 6 p.m. on Friday evening and noon on Saturday.  CBC deliver’s 100+ bowls of soup each month

CBC hosts Third Chance Ministry every summer for a picnic and boat rides.  On average we host approximately 30 guests.  Each year CBC seeks volunteers to help cook, serve, provide outdoor games, provide boat rides and spend time with our guests.  For many, it is their only opportunity to leave Danville and they look forward to the picnic every year


The Lazarus Fund is supported by donations and managed by the Missions Committee.  The fund is available to help folks with rent, utilities and groceries. A couple of times a year the fund runs dry, so please pray for how you can contribute!

During the October soup run, we collect information for the Community Thanksgiving meal.  Take out meals are picked up at 4 p.m. the afternoon of the Community meal and delivered.  This year, CBC delivered over 170 Thanksgiving meals.  Volunteers are needed to help prepare and package the meals as well as delivering the meals.

Community Thanksgiving.png

During the November soup run we collected information for Christmas for the Children.  This program finds sponsors for children who purchase and wrap new gifts for Christmas.  For the past two years in a row, CBC has sponsored over 60 children!  Many of these children would not otherwise have gifts.  The gifts are delivered to the homes a few days before Christmas and everyone is excited………the parents, the kids and US!  Volunteers are needed to sponsor children and help deliver the gifts.

Community Laundry is a day spent at the Double Bubble paying for everyone’s laundry.  Volunteers are needed to spend a few hours at the laundry mat feeding the machines and talking with folks.  There is always an interesting story or two from these days.

Laundry Day.png

Missions Groups

Our Ladies have 2 different groups that meet on the 2nd week of the month .Our Love of Mission Group meet on Mondays and Women with a Heart of Missions meet on Tuesdays. Girls with a Heart for Missions meets at the same time as their moms on Tuesdays!

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